Counting On Rumors: Does Jim Bob Think Josh Duggar Is Guilty?

Jim Bob

Counting On fans celebrated when the jury found Jim Bob’s eldest son, Josh Duggar guilty on charges pertaining to child porn. Instead of going home with his wife Anna, he went straight into protective custody. Well, it’s still a long wait before he hears his sentence. In the meantime, he filed an appeal, asking for acquittal and claiming he’s innocent. But, does his dad really think he didn’t do it?

Counting On Fans Know That Anna Thinks Josh Duggar Is Innocent

In the same month that Josh was arrested, rumors started up that his wife Anna was pregnant with her seventh child. Well, it turned out that she gave birth to their little girl, and possibly, Josh might not see her again for a very long time. Anna went with her husband to court every day of his trial. When he was found guilty, she almost ran out of the courthouse and clammed up on social media. TLC fans know that she believed Josh Duggar did not commit the crime. Apparently, she still believes in his innocence.

Well, the Counting On alum now lives a very different life. Josh is jailed, and she could only video-chat with him on Christmas day. She seems to live alone with the kids, and rumors fly that she’s at odds with Jim Bob over her husband. Probably, she hopes with all her heart that he is successful in getting acquitted. The Daily Mail reported that his legal team asked for “an acquittal or a new trial if an acquittal is denied.” Actually, they still claim that the state never proved it wasn’t someone else who downloaded the porn.

New Counting On Rumors About Jim Bob Duggar & Josh’s Guilt

The trouble with information received from anonymous sources is that they can’t really be proven. So, whatever they say can really only be taken as a rumor. Without A Crystal Ball reported on Instagram that they obtained a “new source” close to the Duggar family. In her post, admin Katie said, “Jim Bob & Michelle have allegedly told friends that they know without a doubt that Josh is guilty.” Additionally, the source claims that the only reason Jim Bob foots the legal bills is to avoid having “hard, necessary conversations with Josh about accepting his guilt.”

Counting On Rumors Does Jim Bob Think Josh Duggar Is Guilty
Without A Crystal Ball / Instagram

Additionally, the source maintains that the Counting On patriarch also thinks of his own image. Katie wrote, “My source believes that Jim Bob is going along with the appeals in order to “save face” publicly.” Notably, the source feels that friends of the family seem a bit disappointed because Jim allegedly lies a lot.

What About Anna And The Kids

The Counting On rumor also includes Anna. Apparently, she is the only one in the family who believes that Josh did not commit the crime. According to them, “Jim Bob is telling friends that he will ‘take care of her and the kids.”

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