Coronation Street Spoilers: Harry Visinoni Reveals If Seb And Alina Are Over For Good

Coronation Street spoilers and updates tease that cast member Harry Visinoni, who plays Seb Franklin, has spoken to the media that his character can finally move on from Alina Pop (Ruxandra Porojnicu) following her new relationship with one of the characters, Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall).

“What she’s doing with Tyrone, that behavior would just put Seb off. It’s something that he really doesn’t like. I think he’s had quite a long time to get over her, and that was essentially the nail in the coffin,” Harry revealed.

Coronation Steet Spoilers – It’s Complicated

The character, Seb Franklin, was still holding on to his hope for his ex Alina, as both shared romance in 2019. Alina’s abrupt exit from Weatherfield jarred Seb’s heart. But their chemistry was sparked last year following Alina’s return however the former lovers agreed to be just friends in respect to Sebs’s then-girlfriend Emma Brooker’s (Alexandra Mardell).

However, Alina has bound herself with trouble with his latest relationship with Tyrone. Their attraction to each other made Tyrone leave his fiancée Fiz Stape’s (Jennie McAlpine) heart in tatters.

The actor recalled when Seb confronted Alina about the thought of having a future with him since “Alina has always been a bit of an enigma for Seb as well,” the actor said.

When Seb saw a glimmer of hope after a long time, he went on giving his final stab but it got thrown back in his face, “so at that point he figured out that he needed to cut his losses,” he explained.

“I don’t think he’s sad and hurt over Tyrone and Alina as much as he is confused, and angry maybe. He feels like he doesn’t really know her anymore.”

Coronation Street Updates – Pursuing New Relationships

Now that Seb’s former love story is evidently over for good, he is now free to pursue his blooming relationship with Nina (Mollie Gallagher). With the latest episodes, fans observed the two smitten with each other. Recently, the actor spilled the bean that Seb is “over the heels” for her.

“Immediately, it feels right, when you meet someone and you just absolutely click on every level,” Harry told

Having to work more with different co-stars, Harry said that it’s one of the most exciting things when an actor is told that his character is going to have a new love interest or friend. That’s because it’s an opportunity to work with more people and explore and discover different dynamics.

“You learn more, get more experience,” he added. “It feels like you’re on a rotation and you meet more and more people. From every single person I work with, I seem to learn something new and figure out new approaches.”