Twilight’s Kellan Lutz And Wife Brittany Gonzales Welcome A Lovely Daughter

Twilight’s Kellan Lutz And Wife Brittany Gonzales Welcome A Lovely Daughter

Losing a child can be very traumatic and tragic. No feeling in the world explains it better. Sadly, no one can grieve more than the would-be parents or parents. No one on earth can tell them how best to grieve either. So, whether it is the loss of an unborn child or the loss of a full-grown, the sting and pains of missing the presence of a kid for a lifetime will always be excruciating.

It is even deadlier when you have to deal with it yourself with no partner by your side. So, to pull through, you have to acknowledge the God factor, depend on families and friends. You need maximum support from all angles and the best relief group you can join. And possibly, a quicker way to deal with it also is having another child as soon as possible. Howbeit, this doesn’t always work out for all mothers and parents who’ve lost a dear child. And they can never let go of their presence no matter the number of kids that come later on in the future.

The Loss Was Heartbreaking

Well, for our very own Twilight Kellan’s wife, Brittany Gonzales, she got most of the support she needed at her darkest moment. With the tragic loss of their baby girl during her second trimester, people had no idea she could survive it. It was worse than a nightmare but of course, she pulled through during her toughest time. It is still fresh in our memories the events that occurred a few months back with the Kellan’s. The experience was unbelievable; it was winter to their souls.

Kellan Lutz

At that time, Kellan Lutz had taken to his social media platform to say “Taking heartbrokenness to a whole new level but grateful for these past six months and the journey itself”. So, they kept trying and praying until September 2020 when they announced on their pages that they were expecting again.

The Brightest Sunshine Ever Has Shunned In The Kellan’s Family

However, this year has turned those painful feelings into joy everlasting for the couple and it has been symbolic so far. What is more? The arrival of their newest bundle of joy has gone beyond comprehension for their immediate families and fans. And the couple had no hesitations in announcing this great news on their individual Instagram pages. There is a natural enthusiasm that comes with motherhood and becoming parents and the Kellan’s sure are tapping into that feeling. The beautiful princess was brought forth into the world on Monday, February 22, 2021. Kellan Lutz and Brittany Gonzales have named her Ashytyn Lily Lutz.

God indeed redeemed the Kellan’s and he also restored their broken hearts. So, if you need to get whole by all means, it is a matter of time. Give God those broken pieces of your life and watch him do some building up and rebranding in your life. Cheers!!

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