Bella Cruise Surprises Fans With Rare Image

Bella Kidman Cruise

Bella Cruise may be on the wildly popular image-sharing site called Instagram, but giving fans a look at her pretty face is a rare phenomenon. That is why fans are freaking out about getting a glimpse of the artist, one of them commenting, ‘Nice to see you, Bella.’

Desire For Privacy

Bella Cruise is the daughter of mega-stars Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise. She and her younger brother, Connor, were adopted by Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise during their 12-year marriage. While springing from very famous parents, Bella has opted to lead a very private life, away from the chaos of the media and judgmental eyes of the public.

She did briefly make headlines when she got married to husband Max Parker in 2015.

In February of 2018, Bella launched her own clothing line called BKC (Bella Kidman Cruise), and created an Instagram account of the same name that was heavily used as a platform to showcase her artwork, with very little selfies occasionally sprinkled in.

While Bella is private about her personal and family life, she follows her famous mom on social media and has previously shown support for her cousin’s business on social media.

Supportive Parents

Both Nicole and Tom have long been known to respect Bella and Connor’s desire for privacy. During an interview by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association in November 2018, Nicole was asked about her relationship with her oldest children, with which she quickly replied that she was very private about all that. Further stating, “I have to protect all those relationships. I know 150 percent that I would give up my life for my children because it’s what my purpose is.”

Nicole has also spoken out about supporting Bella and Connor who have shown an interest in Scientology and were looking forward to following their father’s footsteps in adapting it.

Recently, there have been speculations that the rift between Bella and her mother might have begun to heal as Bella started liking a few of her mother’s posts on Instagram.

Facts About The Rare Selfie

A few hours earlier Bella shared a black-and-white selfie with the caption, ‘Same face, new prints now available on the shop.’ The picture looks to have been taken after the recent snow day in England, where Bella lives with her husband.

Bella’s prints can be found online for $25 and above, and include a ‘stay at home club print’ that features a nurse wearing a face mask.

Bella And Art

Bella has been known to be fond of painting and sketching and happily shares a few of it with the world on her social media sites. Among her most popular, darker, pieces of art is the distorted image of a female form with a haunting collage of ghoulish faces with the eyes being a prominent feature. In contrast to her colorful vibrant art, this particular image was drawn with black ink against a white background.

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