UK Reveals Plans For A Massive Theme Park To Rival Disney World

At a time when Disney is losing money during the coronavirus pandemic, the UK is planning a massive theme park, The London Resort.

The UK is planning the much-anticipated London Resort. Dubbed “Britain’s Disneyland” the resort has released new photos of the multi-billion dollar theme park. Up until now, details of the sprawling new theme park have been kept under wraps. However, aerial images of the planned theme park give an idea of what is to come.

The London Resort Theme Park

The image below shows the park, which is split into different areas, each apparently with its own individual theme.

Prior to this, artists’ renderings suggested there will be six different zones in the theme park. These will be The Jungle, The Kingdom, The Isles, The Studio, The Woods, and Starport. One section seems to be Aztec-themed, as there are an ancient pyramid and citadel to be seen. However, there is also a fairground with a carousel and helter-skelter, likely to be The Jungle.

Another area of the artists’ renderings appears to be home to a castle and fortress, which makes it likely this is the Kingdom Zone.

Hollywood-Themed Zone In The London Resort?

As the park bosses, last year signed a deal with Paramount Pictures, it is believed there could be a Hollywood-themed zone in The Studio. The London Resort has already set up partnerships with the BBC and ITV studios. These deals will give the park the chance to offer theme rides based on popular franchises and brands from those studios.

Where Will It Be?

The sprawling theme park covers 872 acres and will be set on the Swanscombe Peninsula, between Dartford and Gravesend. At present, it is billed to be one of the most ambitious park projects ever in Europe. In fact, it is the first development of its kind on the continent since Disneyland Paris opened in 1992. However, of course, the UK will be completely out of the EU by the time the park opens.

The huge project will most likely rival that of Disneyland Paris, due to its sheer scale. However, it will also include several well-known, major hotel brands, including Radisson Blu.

What To Expect?

The London Resort will cover six islands, each with its own dedicated theme. Due to Britain’s unreliable weather, 70 percent of the attractions will be undercover. Entrance to the London Resort will be through a grand plaza. This will take hotel guests and visitors along a High Street, lined with hotels, restaurants, shops, a water park, and a convention center.

From there, visitors can head to The Woods, an “enchanted realm where springtime reigns eternal and the boundary between reality and fantasy dissolves.” This section of the park offers adventures based on beloved fairytales.

The Kingdom is an enchanted realm where sorcery, legend, swords, and dragons prevail. It is described as “a dark and ancient land with threatening and imposing castles and mystical Arthurian legends.”

The Jungle Island blends the past and the future with ancient ruins of a long-lost Mesoamerican civilization popping up through the trees.

Sci-Fi fans will love The Starport, a land offering “futuristic experiences, alien encounters and big thrill rides”. This has been set up as a busy, 23rd-century landing zone, where visitors can enjoy thrilling science-fiction adventures.

However, don’t get too excited yet, as the London Resort is only due to open in 2024!

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