Royal Family News: Harry And Meghan’s Interview With Oprah – Audience Reacts In The Aftermath

British Royal family news reveals on February 15th, it was announced that a CBS interview of Harry and Meghan would be aired, with a clip showing Oprah Winfrey as the conductor of the interview. In the short clip, it was revealed that Oprah had formerly reached out to the Duchess of Sussex years ago to schedule an interview, with Meghan replying that she had turned it down due to being in the midst of people who wouldn’t allow the interview at the time.

Ahead of the interview, the #meghanharryoprah became a trending topic on Twitter, with many obviously excited. We all know Oprah doesn’t give an interview these days except some holy beans are waiting to be spilled. There were speculations about the royals discussing their life and officially stepping down from royal duties, moving to America, Meghan’s second pregnancy arriving soon after a miscarriage, their current ‘valuable’ streaming deals, and more.

But no one could have predicted what could come out of the interview.

Royal Family News: Hints Of Racism In The Royal Circle

The Oprah interview with the royals aired on March 7th, ahead of international women’s day. In the interview, it was revealed that there had been talks about how dark Archie’s skin color would be, though Meghan refrained from saying who when asked of it by Oprah. While a lot of people see that as a sign of respect to the queen, others are adamant that since she brought the topic up, the best she could have done was follow it to the end, instead of leaving the public to speculate.

When Harry was asked what specific question was posed by the ‘unknown’ person that expressed concern over the baby’s color, he again said that it might be damaging to the family to repeat it. After these comments, and those of Meghan saying that she had suicidal thoughts when she was pregnant due to the pressures she received, people took to the internet to ask and demand the abolishment of the royal family.

Royal Family News: People Reacting To The Interview

Piers Morgan quickly hopped on Twitter to comment, “This interview is an absolutely disgraceful betrayal of the Queen and the Royal Family. I expect all this vile destructive self-serving nonsense from Meghan Markle – but for Harry to let her take down his family and the Monarchy like this is a shame.” He also gave an interview with Fox News to express his feelings and reaction about the explosive interview.

This is a statement that had gotten crowds rallying for Piers Morgan to be fired from his show, even as he intensely defends his comments.

A wide range of comments has surfaced in support of Meghan and her husband or against them. On Twitter, tens of thousands have taken up #cancelthemonarcy #AbolishTheMonarchy and more to campaign for the British government to ensure that the Queen is the final monarch.

Comments have ranged from, “What this tells me is that no one learned anything from the tragedy of Diana’s life. She had all those things, too, and was alone and unhappy. It happens. You can be wealthy beyond reason and surrounded by people and still be alone and unhappy,” to attack comments on Meghan, “Her throwing the suicide card is an insult to those genuine on those horrific feelings.”

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