Snowcat Ridge Is A New Winter Themed Amusement Park in Florida

People living in Florida, The Sunshine State rarely see snow, but that has changed with the introduction of Snowcat Ridge, a snow-themed amusement park.

When you think of visiting Florida, you tend to think of sunshine, beaches, wavy palm trees, and warm-weather fun. However, while the Sunshine State rarely sees snow, this will change later this month as a new, winter-themed amusement park opens.

Snowcat Ridge: A Winter Wonderland

Snowcat Ridge is a winter-themed amusement park, offering a huge snow tubing hill, an authentic Alpine Village and an Arctic igloo dome. You just wouldn’t imagine you could have all this in sunny Florida.

Places like Tampa Bay, Dade City, or the Sports Coast normally have winter temperatures of around a mild 72 degrees Fahrenheit, which definitely means no snow. However, for Florida residents who are unable to travel this year, Snowcat Ridge probably couldn’t have come at a better time. This will give Florida residents a chance to enjoy the winter fun while living in a snow-free state.

What To expect At Snowcat Ridge

The winter-themed park in Dade City, Florida will offer activities for adults and children, including snow-themed rides. However, the crowning glory is the massive snow tubing hill in the park, standing 60 ft tall and 400 ft in length. Riders and their snow tubes will be whisked to the top of the hill on a magic carpet ride. From there, visitors will be able to slide down the snow-covered slope in a single, tandem or six-person family tube.

The theme park will also host a 1,000 sq ft snow play dome where families can have plenty of fun building snowmen or snow castles from genuine snow. The dome is a cold, temperature-controlled arena giving the total feel of winter. For younger riders, there is also a smaller snow tube hill for kids to have fun in safety.

The Feel Of A European Ski Resort

Imagine having the feel of a genuine, European ski resort in Florida, with all the festive experiences throughout the theme park. Each night, a light show will illuminate the snow tube hill, while visitors can enjoy delicious food and drink in the Alpine Village market, including mulled wine, hot chocolate, craft beer, hearty winter street food, and even s’mores.

The market also offers craft items, on sale to take home as a souvenir of the winter wonderland. On top of this, an open seating area offers fire pits, the perfect place to relax with your food and hot chocolate while keeping cozy.

Snowcat Ridge’s creative director, Mark Bremer, said in a statement about the park, “Some folks think it’s impossible to experience snow tubing and the joy of snow in Florida. But our team is all about making the impossible, possible.”

For those living in Florida, or having easy access to the winter-themed amusement park, Snowcat Ridge opens on November 20, 2020, and runs until March 28, 2021. For those worried about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, entry to the park is timed to ensure entry is kept in line with social distancing guidelines. As for the cost, admission tickets start from $24.95 for a two-hour slot in Snowcat Ridge.

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