Luxury UK Cat Hotel Lets Cats Stay Free If Their Owners Have COVID-19

While people unable to travel right now, one luxurious cat hotel is standing empty and has offered a lending hand.

Hotel Cat is a 5-star luxury stay for pampered cats in England. The owners describe it as an exclusive country club for cats. With everything that is happening with the COVID-19 pandemic, they wanted to give back to the community by doing something positive. With no one traveling at the moment, business is light and the owners came up with an idea to help cat owners in distress.

Cat Hotel Offers Free Accommodation To Sick Owners’ Felines

Hotel Cat is located in the village of Sway in the New Forest District of Hampshire. Its owners, Jackie and Tim, have felt the effects of self-isolation during the COVID-19 quarantine measures. Their hotel was standing empty and they decided to find a silver lining in this truly difficult situation.

Jackie and Tim headed to Facebook to say they know how people are being affected right now with lockdown, as well as many small businesses struggling to survive. They explained that their normally bustling cat hotel is very quiet right now and is likely to be for the foreseeable future. For that reason, they told readers if they know of anyone who is in hospital or is too ill to care for their cat, they will collect it and care for it, free of charge, until the owners are back on their feet.

Their generous Facebook post has received an excellent response, with many locals noting how thoughtful their gesture is. Many said they would pass the offer on to anyone they knew that needed help with their cats.

Luxurious Cat Hotel Has All The Comforts

This is THE place for pampered cats, as the luxury cattery doesn’t have mere cages for its guests. The cats get to stay in one of seven, full-size suites, with normal “human” beds, along with cozy duvets and bedding, televisions and other furniture. The suites have names like Royal Mews Cat Suite, Malibu Cat Suite, Beachcombers Cat Suite and Savannah Cat Suite.

Feline guests also have access to a garden room, which offers them sun chairs, climbing trees, toys and plenty of comfortable spots for the cats to sleep or play. As for the cuisine, felines have an a la carte menu to choose from. This features treats like poached salmon and cod, a prawn and crab medley, baked chicken breast or slow-cooked tuna steak. The menu sounds so good, many humans might wish they could stay there too!

So while their owners get treatment and begin to feel better, their beloved felines will have a stress-free and relaxing stay in luxury. This is much like the cats are having a well-deserved holiday on their own without worrying over their owners.

Do you belong to a much loved and spoiled cat? Find out more about this luxurious feline residence on the official Hotel Cat website.

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