Frozen 2’s Into The Unknown Teased The Movie’s Biggest Twist Yet

Frozen 2’s “Into the Unknown” has teased the movie’s biggest plot twist yet. It revealed that Elsa (Idina Menzel) is reincarnated of the fifth spirit.

The scene shows Elsa singing with a mysterious voice that’s calling her in the wind during the song “Into the Unknown.” The spiritual elements communicate with her through the song by creating a magical vision in the air, which foreshadows Elsa’s future, as reported by Screen Rant.

Frozen 2’s “Into The Unknown” Has Teased The Movie’s Biggest Plot Twist Yet

She embarks on a journey into the Enchanted Forest to discover the source of this mysterious voice alongside her sister Anna (Kristen Bell), the snowman Olaf (Josh Gad), the ice merchant Kristoff (Jonathan Groff), and his reindeer Sven. Elsa then discovers that she’s reincarnated from the fifth spirit and her elemental powers were a gift from other spirits after her mother Iduna (Evan Rachel Wood) died.

Iduna was a member of the Northuldra tribe. She risked her own life to save her father King Agnarr (Alfred Molina) during a battle between the Arendellians and the Northuldra people. During the opening scene of Frozen 2, when Elsa first interacts with the mysterious siren call during the song “Into the Unknown,” her journey is foreshadowed with imagery, including the secret origin of Elsa’s powers. At the end of the song, Elsa continues to follow the mysterious voice everywhere, including the grounds of the castle and the outside grounds.

The Movie’s Plot Twist Is Revealed During The Song, Which Can Be Seen Through The Vision Of A Snowflake.

As Elsa continue to sing along with the voice, the magic surrounds Elsa herself, as it is revealed that she is the fifth and final elemental spirit in the chain. The movie’s plot twist is revealed during the song, which can be seen through the vision of a snowflake. Not only does it reveal that Elsa is the fifth spirit, but it follows her entire journey to Ahtohallan. The entire plot of Frozen 2 shows Elsa traveling through the Enchanted Forest and uncovering the origin of her powers at the river Ahtohallan.

Frozen 2’s ending will also be teased during the song “Into the Unknown.” This scene may not spoil the Disney movie’s twist ending since the foreshadowing is so subtle. It’ll only be noticed by those who know that Elsa becomes the fifth spirit.

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