Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Heather Tom Films Hilarious Instagram Video – Us Vs Them, A Quarantined Mom’s Rebellion Against Yoga Pants!

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers tease that actress Heather Tom, who plays Katie Logan Spencer on the CBS daytime drama, recorded a hilarious Instagram video about a quarantined Mom’s rebellion against yoga pants titled “Us Vs Them!”

Heather Tom Starts By Walking Into Her Bedroom To The Theme Song Of “The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly!”

Heather comments this on the Instagram video: “Ok…39 days into #quarantine and I have officially Lost. My. Mind… #quarantinelife #upstaged by a #dog #dogsofinstagram #jeans still fit- burning the #yogapants #quarantine15 #neverActwithAnimalsandChildren – Special thanks to Guest Stars Zane and Henry Achor. Only humans were injured in the making of this video.” Zane is her seven year old son who also appears on “The Bold and The Beautiful” as Katie’s son Will Spencer, and Henry is the family dog.

She starts by walking in a robe from her bedroom to the master bath, holding a pair of hot pink yoga pants to the theme song of “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” and spots a pair of skinny jeans hanging to dry above the bathtub.

She scowls at the yoga pants and slings them off onto the bed, retrieves the jeans, and then walks back into the bedroom, and bluegrass music starts as she fights to get into the jeans, with hilarious results – grunts, moans, yells, loud sighs of relief, and all the funny faces imaginable as she falls back on the bed, kicks her feet on the floor as she continues to struggle to get into the jeans while Henry, the dog, lies on the floor and looks bored!

Finally she gets the jeans on and zipped, but she can’t get up off the bed!!! Finally she is able to roll off the bed and stands up victorious in the fight with the too-tight jeans that she was desperate to conquer! Then, as she walks out of the bedroom, “Don’t Stop Believin’” by the band Journey plays shortly, and then Zane, who apparently has gotten into his parents’ bed (you can see the hot pink yoga pants on the edge of the bed) starts giggling and tells his mother she sounded like she was having a baby!

Many Mothers Can Relate To The Struggle!

Many mothers can relate to the struggle of trying to fit into the clothes they fit into before they were mothers! For some, they just cannot regain their girlish figure and instead of the skin tight jeans and other sexy accoutrements they once wore, they settle for comfortable yoga pants, or leggings, that come in a variety of colors and sizes anywhere from size zero to size 3x!

Over these goes the big t shirts or perhaps tunics, anything to hide that “pooch” that they cannot seem to get rid of no matter how they try! Some manage to squeeze in some form of exercise besides lugging a child around or dragging them along attached to a leg, or sometimes two attached to a leg apiece and maybe a baby on her back, even if it is only walking back and forth to the kitchen!

For others, they are able to get out and go to a gym once the kids are in preschool or school—until the cursed lockdown, that is. Either way, at least Heather Tom gives us something to relate to and laugh at – and laughing is a great form of stress relief, and if we have the gift of laughing at ourselves, as she obviously does, it’s even better!

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