The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Scott Clifton’s Little Guy With His “Guard Cats”

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers teases that actor Scott Clifton’s little guy, Ford, has a small furry army of “guard cats” that enjoy snuggling up to him as he’s watching television, and probably in his bed as well! Scott posted an adorable photo of two of their three furbabies next to Ford recently on Instagram.

B&B Spoilers: Scott Clifton And His Family Are Animal Lovers

Scott and his wife, Nicole are obviously animal lovers and specialize in cats, and young Ford Robert Clifton, three years old is not complaining. The photo shows the white cat, Walter, and the newest feline addition to the Clifton family, the gray and white, Billy laid out on the family couch with a giggling Ford! The third kitty is a calico named Amy. Billy came from fellow “The Bold and The Beautiful” actor Don Diamont, and Scott comments on the photo, “Look at these mooks!”

Billy, or Bill the cat is obviously named after the character “Dollar Bill Spencer” who Don Diamont plays, and father to the character Scott Clifton plays, “Liam Spencer.” When the family first got Billy, Scott posted it on Instagram as well, commented “About a week ago, @dondiamont called me and asked if the Clifton clan had room for another member: a 12-week old kitten his father-in-law, a lifelong cat person, could tragically no longer care for.

Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Billy, or Bill the cat is obviously named after the character “Dollar Bill Spencer” 

We told Don that if nothing else we’d be happy foster her until we found her a home—so he brought her over. She was playful and affectionate and cute as hell, and, well… not a “she” at all, if her giant cat balls had anything to say about it. “Wait, you’re telling me she’s a ‘he’?!?” Don roared when we broke it to him. The only question was whether our new houseguest would get along with Walter and Amy.

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Look at these mooks.

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It’s not @nikkishoots’ and my first rodeo, so we knew to introduce them slowly: first just with smell, through a door, then sight, then food, then play. Walter loved him immediately (because of course he did, the big dumb gentle giant that he is). Amy took a few more days, but as I write this, they’re napping together. The newcomer loves Ford and his youthful energy, too. (Not to mention the boy is a certified expert with laser pointers.) I’ll cut to the chase: he’s already part of the family and we’re keeping him.

B&B Spoilers: There Will Be Lots Of Kitty Photos To Look Forward To

So, everyone, meet Bill. (Or “Billy”, as Nikki’s begun to dub him.) Now you have an onslaught of kitty photos to look forward to. You’re welcome/I’m so sorry.” Billy sits in a cat tree posing for his first picture! Ford obviously approves of the adoption, and his feline “brothers and sister”. You can tell these furbabies are members of the Spencer family as much as Ford is, and it looks like Bill is there to stay – the family is just so attached to him!

Watch Scott as Liam Spencer as well as Don as Bill Spencer on CBS’s daytime drama, “The Bold and The Beautiful” and keep checking Celebrity Baby Laundry for all the latest news, updates and developments!

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