The Young and The Restless Spoilers: 33 Weeks Along, And Elizabeth Hendrickson Is Thankful!

The Young and The Restless spoilers teases that actress Elizabeth Hendrickson is very thankful for her 33 week pregnancy and posted a beautiful photo of herself walking along the beautiful canals of Venice, California on her Instagram account recently.

Elizabeth Hendrickson Posted How Thankful She Is To Be 33 Weeks Along

Elizabeth posted how thankful she is to be 33 weeks along, and commented: “33 weeks and still feeling great! I am so thankful for having the most enjoyable pregnancy. I can’t believe we will have her in our arms and finally meet face to face in just several weeks. I will miss her in my belly.

Cherishing this time as much as I can. Every time we walk the Venice canals she dances for joy. This will continue to be our early morning walk to see the ocean when she arrives. I can’t wait 🙂
#33weekspregnant #pregnant #pregnantworkout #pregnancy.”

The Road To Motherhood Has Not Been Easy For Elizabeth Hendrickson

Elizabeth’s fans will recall that the road to a successful pregnancy has not been easy for her and her husband Rob Meder; two previous pregnancies resulted in miscarriages both less than eight weeks into the pregnancies. She gave advice to mothers of stillborns in an article in “CBS Soaps In Depth” in October 2019. She said, “I felt discouraged, incompetent, and started having doubts in myself if I was ever meant to be a mother,” she confessed.

“I didn’t know how common it was until I started talking about it more openly with my friends and even with women I wasn’t that close with at my business. It helped immensely. The stories that other women shared made me realize I was not alone and at times I felt guilty talking about it when I heard about those who had miscarriages much later than I or had given birth to stillborns. “ “Talk about your experiences,” Hendrickson urged. “Good or bad. You will find a new tribe of support you never knew existed.

It’s what gave me the strength and courage to continue to try. We were meant to be parents when the timing was right. I couldn’t at the time understand why that was our story but now looking back, I can see it all clearly. What’s meant to be is meant to be. Trust the story being written no matter how it may unfold. It somehow always works out in the end. To all of those who have had similar experiences, I wrap my virtual arms around you and squeeze you tightly. I know how awful it feels. You have support. Please try to talk about it. It helps immensely.”

More About Elizabeth Hendrickson

Elizabeth, formerly known as Frankie Stone in the defunct ABC soap “All My Children” and District Attorney Margaux Dawson on ABC’s General Hospital, currently plays Chloe Mitchell on the CBS soap “The Young and The Restless” and was overjoyed that they wrote her pregnancy into the soap, with her character also expecting a baby!

Check out CBS’s “The Young and The Restless” to see Elizabeth in action, and check Celebrity Baby Laundry frequently for all the latest news, updates and developments!

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