Best Museums In Canada For Kids

When it comes to fun family outings, museums can provide an amazing experience. Not only do great museums give children the chance to learn something new, but it allows them to enjoy a little piece of history in a fun and interactive way. There are many fantastic museums in Canada for kids to visit. Especially if they are looking forward to an in-depth, interactive experience.

The Best Museums in Canada for Kids

Most of these museums are great for kids of all ages, providing several different experiences to those that visit.

The Ontario Science Centre

Located in Toronto, Ontario, the Ontario Science centre is an amazing museum to visit. This wonderful location allows children to interact with the many exhibits offered. With over 800 different displays located across three main pavilions, children can have an amazing hands on experience.

Not only can your kids learn more abut science, but they can attend daily demonstrations and play games to learn even more. This museum offers a dome theatre, a planetarium and several different exhibits that teach your kid about space travel, biology and technological advances.

Miniature World

Visit this fun museum in Victoria, British Columbia to see some miniature replicas of historical worlds and those of fantasy. Big and little kids alike will all find something that peaks their interests here at miniature world. With over 85 different small-scale dioramas to look at, your kids can see some of Canada’s most famous man made and natural wonders in small scale models that actually work.

Whether you look at one of the world’s smallest working sawmills, or the Great Canadian Railway, these displays will peak your little one’s imagination. If you are looking for a dose of fantasy, check out King Arthur’s Camelot or Charles Dickens’ London. Complete with sound, moving components and lighting, these small-scale displays will take you breath away.

Telus World of Science

The Telus World of Science located in Edmonton, Alberta is an amazing place to experience fun for the entire family. Established in 1984, this museum now attracts more than half a million visitors every single year. Not only will your children experience fun and interactive exhibits, but they will get an educational experience they will never forget.

Boasting the larges planetarium dome in Canada, you can discover a wide range of different experiences. From space and environmental displays to those dedicated to the human body, your children are bound to learn a lot. Visit the kids’ gallery or take in the spacious IMAX theatre on your travels. In fact, you can even take part in some fun scientific demonstrations.

Manitoba Museum

If you want to teach your children more about the natural history of the region of Manitoba, this museum is right for you. The Manitoba Museum is a cultural institution located in Winnipeg, Manitoba and established in 1965. With a wide variety of exhibits, artifacts and activities, you can learn about topics as diverse as the marine animals of the Hudson’s Bay during the Ordovician period.

Kids can also learn about the founding of the Hudson’s Bay Company in the late 1600’s. This museum is made to appeal to visitors of all ages and captures the imagination of many with it’s interacting and engaging experiences.

Montreal Science Centre

Located in Montreal, this museum helps its visitors understand and discover technology and science. Showcasing several different interactive science and technology exhibits, your children are sure to be kept busy and intrigued.

Offering permanent exhibits like 26 Islands, that explores different concepts or Human, which explores the human body and evolution and several different temporary exhibits, there is something for everyone. You can even watch a science related movie at the IMAX theatre if you want.

There are several museums in Canada for kids, but these are some of the best ones. If you ever find yourself seeking a wonderful museum experience, visit one of these locations and you won’t be disappointed.


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