Days of our Lives Star Brandon Barash Shares Bed Time Story Time Reading With His Fans

Brandon Barash Shares Bed Time Story Time Reading With His Fans

If there is one daytime television star who absolutely loves being a father, it’s most definitely Brandon Barash. The daytime television actor recently shared a new video of himself getting ready to read a bedtime story to his daughter, Harper. And mind you, this isn’t any typical bedtime story here. Brandon put on his best-animated voice and read “I Will Surprise My Friend” just as you would expect him to. Here’s what you need to know.

Sitting on top of Harper’s bed in her room, Brandon took his daughter’s favorite book and gave her the kind of reading that you don’t get to hear every day! Brandon captioned his fun video with,

“Are you not entertained?! Who enjoys storytime more? #reading #books#storytime #dad #daughter #love.”

It didn’t take very long for his fans to respond, as plenty of them commented with, “If being Stefan on DAYS doesn’t work out for you, you could DEFINITELY be a voiceover for children’s audiobooks,” along with, “Can you come read to my kindergarteners?! Although I can be an entertaining reader, they would absolutely love you!”

Another fan wrote, “You made my day couldn’t stop laughing what a good storyteller you are… thanks for making me laugh..”

We have to agree with a lot of Brandon’s fans here. Not only is he truly hilarious, but there’s a very good chance that he could do some extra part-time work as a voice-over actor in addition to his work on daytime television. This man has got some great talent!

As many of his fans know, Brandon is currently playing the role of Stefan DiMera on Days of Our Lives. Even though he’s very busy filming several days a week, it does seem like Brandon loves to spend all of his free time with his daughter Harper. Talk about a great daddy. It’s no wonder his fans love him and his social media posts so much!

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