General Hospital Star Emme Rylan Has a Binky Challenge With Daughter Dakota

This is a challenge that a lot of parents definitely had to face with at least one child during their parenting journey. General Hospital star Emme Rylan recently posted an adorable new photo of her daughter Dakota while the two of them were enjoying a mommy and daughter shopping trip at their local Target. And while everything seemed to be going very smoothly, it’s what little Dakota had in her mouth that caught her mother by surprise.

According to Emme, little Dakota had not one, but two binkys in her mouth.

Uh oh!” She captioned her photo with, “Well this should be an easy binky habit to break. #doublebinkiekindaday.”

It didn’t take very long for Emme’s social media followers to respond as some of them posted comments such as, “Sometimes a girl just needs 2 binkies. Should make your shopping trip easier if nothing else,” along with, “My daughter did the same thing. When you’re ready, snip the tips when she can’t see you … then she’ll decide on her own to give them up because they’re broken. I was dreading the binky break but it honestly worked like a charm!”

Another fan wrote, “Tell your daughter the story of Binkie McBinkle, that he travels from child to child in need of a binkie and now it’s time for Binkie McBinkle to leave and help another little girl. Hey it might work!”

Of course, there are several different ways that moms and dads can fight the ‘binky battle,’ so to speak. There are many foolproof ways to help break the habit and they include either going cold turkey or taking baby steps to help your child gradually reduce the time he or she uses the pacifier. You can also try trading it in for a gift in exchange for the pacifier. However, other parents prefer to read books about pacifiers to their kids to help them better understand why they can’t use them forever or simply replace it with another item.

Many pediatric dentists recommend limiting pacifier time once a child is 2 years old and eliminating it altogether by the time they are 4 to avoid any dental problems.