Diane Kruger Opens Up About ‘The Right Time’ For Motherhood

Diane Kruger admits that she has long had baby fever but unfortunately had to wait until the right person came along in her life before she became a mom. The Hollywood actress shares a daughter with actor Norman Reedus.

Speaking to Porter Magazine, the stunning German-born beauty says that while she is very happy with her new life as a mom right now, there was a time before that she certainly thought about having children. The 42-year-old says that she believed the right time to have kids was back when she was 35. Unfortunately for Diane, she had to wait a little bit longer before starting her dream family.

Diane told the publication,

“I didn’t think I wanted children for a long time. I was too selfish. But by the time I got to about 35, I thought, yes, I probably do want one. But then you have to wait for the right person to come along.”

Diane also says that Norman is a wonderful father who teaches her something new every day. Norman has a son named Mingus from his previous relationship with supermodel Helena Christensen.

Diane added,

“He’s so calm, and he teaches me a lot, because he’s done it before. There’s definitely something to be said for being with someone who is doing it for the second time.”

Both Diane and Norman have not shared any details about their daughter, including her name, her birth date, and so on. Norman did, however, share a photo of the small tot’s hand on his Instagram page back in December.

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