Diane Kruger Says Mom Life Is ‘Chaotic’

Diane Kruger admits that her new life as a mom has definitely been chaotic. The Hollywood actress, who just welcomed a baby girl with her partner, actor Norman Reedus, says that her life has gotten quite hectic but at the same time, she is enjoying every little moment she has with her sweet bundle of joy.

Speaking to Us Weekly, the blonde beauty admits that she didn’t expect motherhood to be this demanding or this busy, but at the same time she is taking everything in stride. She told the publication,

“It’s already chaotic in the house. I don’t think it could get any worse. It’s a great moment of joy. We have a lot to be thankful for. It’s been a wonderful year.”

What’s more, Diane also says that she is looking forward to starting new holiday traditions with her now family of three. Diane and Norman are also planning on having a very low-key Christmas celebration.

The actress added,

“I’m just looking forward to having my own little family and be together and have take-out because I don’t think I can step away to cook. I think this is the beginning of new, because we both come from single mother families, you know, so growing up we never had the big family reunions. What’s exciting is to start your own. And anything is possible and as long as my home is happy and light and positive, it doesn’t matter.”

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