10 Reasons Having Twins is Awesome

10 Reasons Having Twins is Awesome
While having twins is certainly double the work, it is also double the fun. Most parents of twins will tell you that the benefits of raising twins outweigh the extra work. After all, what could be better than raising two kids who look alike?

Here are 10 reasons that having twins is simply awesome:

1) Twins have a unique bond – Twins seem to have a unique bond that most people don’t understand. It is a special connection that seems to start in the womb and only gets stronger as they grow up.

2) You’ll get double the cuddles, hugs & love –  Do you remember the Doublemint Twins? They were featured in TV commercials, starting in 1959, for Doublemint Gum. The commercial had a cool jingle- “Double your pleasure, Double your fun.” That is how it is when you have twins. Yes, the term “Double Trouble” comes into play when you have twins, but nothing beats the double cuddles, hugs, kisses, laughs, love and smiles you’ll get too.

10 Reasons Having Twins is Awesome

3) You’ll have an instant family at once –  Two seems to be an ideal number of kids for most couples to have. With twins, you’ll only have to go through pregnancy once instead of twice. In the blink of an eye, you can go from being a married couple to being a family of four. It’s pretty much like getting a 2 for 1 deal.

4) You’ll get lots of attention from others – Most people love to stop and gawk at babies. But, when it comes to twins, the gawking increases a notch or two. Also, family, friends and neighbors will be banging down the front door, not just to see the lovable twins but also to offer help as well.

5) Watching them grow up together is amazing – Watching twins grow up together is one of the best things in the world as a parent. Watching each of them form their own personality is such an enjoyable moment for parents of twins.

6) You’ll have great photo opportunities – In today’s world of social media, proud parents are always posting photos and status updates of their little ones. Imagine the photo opportunities when you have twins! You’ll certainly get tons of likes and comments.

7) Twins will never be lonely– Parents often worry whether their child will grow up and form friendships with others. With twins, there’s really no need to worry about this. Twins will never be lonely in life, as they will always have each other.

10 Reasons Having Twins is Awesome

8) Twins are rather social – Because twins grow up together, they usually grow up to be social butterflies. Social skills are sometimes lacking when it’s just one child, but it is not this way when you have twins.

9) You’ll have fun choosing 2 names – When I was pregnant with my son, I couldn’t wait to sit down and decode on his name. I can’t even imagine the privilege of being able to choose two names. You’ll want to resist the urge to make their name similar, like Andrea and Andrew or Jason and Mason. Twins are unique individuals, and they should have unique names.

10) You’ll experience milestones twice – Parents always look forward to their child’s milestones, like first smile, first word, first crawl and first step. When you have twins, you’ll get to experience these milestones twice.

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10 Reasons Having Twins is Awesome

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