Experiences Toddlers Will love at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World does a great job of attracting small children and even adults, but parents might have doubts about bringing their toddlers along. The good news is that there’s plenty for your toddlers to do, you just have to do a little extra planning.

Toddler- Friendly Park

The Magic Kingdom seems to have the most variety when it comes to toddlers at Disney World. If you’re planning a trip, you should plan on spending the entire day in this park, it might even be a good idea to plan for two days. Peter Pan’s Flight, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Dumbo, and Jungle Cruise are all suitable for little ones and promise to keep them entertained. Although Stitch’s Great Escape and the Haunted Mansion allow young children to take part, they might not be the best options for your toddler if they’re on the sensitive side. The Magic Kingdom is the park that has the most to offer your toddler.

The Animal Kingdom also has a lot to entertain toddlers, but many of the bigger rides are inappropriate for toddlers due to height restrictions. Some of your best options include the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail, which is an adventurous nature walk and the Tricera Top Spin. The Animal Kingdom is the perfect option for a short day in the park if you have other plans for the day or if your little one is tired out.

Epcot is full of adventure but unfortunately, it is the least toddler-friendly. It’s not easy taking your toddler to a park where they are surrounded by rides that not an options because of height restrictions. There are a few options for toddlers, such as the Epcot Character Spot where you can meet your favorite Disney character. However, your time may be better spent in a different park, at least for your toddler.

Where to Eat

Over the years, Disney World has worked to offer healthier meal choices for younger children visiting the park. On many of the menus in Disney World, the healthier choices are marked by a mickey mouse check, so your little ones can get energized with a healthy meal.

In The Magic Kingdom, you can eat at the Liberty Tree Tavern, which serves meals family style. This seems to be easier and more familiar for younger children in an unfamiliar place. If you’re planning a trip to Disney World it is always your best bet to make a reservation. A starving toddler could quickly complicate your trip to Disney. The lines can really build up, especially at peak meal times.

Cinderella’s Royal Table is located in Cinderella’s castle and is sure to keep your toddlers entertained. Cinderella is often around and ready to socialize with your toddler while they eat.

The Animal Kingdom has plenty of options for meals. The top two restaurants for young children are the Creature Comforts and Dino-Bite Snacks. These are toddler-friendly with lots of fun themes and an appropriate menu.

A Little Extra Planning

Disney World is loaded with fun and excitement but the most important thing to remember is that a toddler takes a little extra planning. Definitely, consider purchasing a FastPass to avoid some wait time. The waiting lines are nothing to underestimate and it will help if you and your toddler aren’t stuck waiting for hours. In addition, consider how worn out your toddler will be at the end of the day. It’s a good idea to plan a low-key day at some point if you are planning on spending a few days at Disney World.


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