Easy-to-Make Santa Waffle For Kids

Kids love their food dressed up! You only have to browse Pinterest for a few seconds to realize how many different ways you can make a simple dinner look like your child’s favorite animal, toy, hero and more. With the holidays around the corner, this Santa inspired waffle is the perfect way to make your child’s treat a little more exciting! The waffle is easy-to-make and will excite you youngster for the big night Santa visits! 


2 Cups flour
1-1/2 Cup milk
2/3 Cup vegetable oil 
4 Tablespoons sugar
1/2 mashed banana (or 1 egg)
Pink gel food coloring

You will also need

Cooking spray
Butter knife 
Mixing bowl 


Wilton White melting candy (eyes)
Blue mega M&Ms
Red fondant 
Can of Whipped cream


1. Combine all waffle ingredients into a large mixing bowl and mix well

Easy-to-Make Santa Waffles For Kids

2. Add pink food coloring a little at a time depending on how bring you want your waffle, then pour batter into waffle maker

Easy-to-Make Santa Waffles For Kids

3. Roll out your red fondant, then cut out a hat shape using a butter knife, and a small red circle for the nose

4. Turn waffle maker on and cook on medium heat until timer on the waffle maker goes off

5. Unplug the waffle maker and carefully take the waffle out

6. Place your pink waffle on a plate


7. Place two white candy wafers on the top middle of the waffle, then place 2 mega blue M&Ms on top of the wafers wafers

8. Place the fondant hat on the top of the waffle

9. Use your can of whipped cream to make the beard, mustache, hair, and white fluff on the bottom of the hat/tip of the hat

Easy-to-Make Santa Waffles For Kids

10. Serve with a little syrup and enjoy


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