Travel Sickness: What To Do If Your Toddler Gets Ill

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The holidays are just around the corner and that means parents across the country will be taking their toddlers on a plane or car trip for the first time. One fear many parents have is that their toddler will get travel sickness. It’s only natural that a toddler may become queasy in a cramped place for an extending period of time!  Here’s what you should do if your toddler suffers from travel sickness:

Avoid feeding your kids directly before the trip!

First of all, there’s one thing that you can do that will help. You should avoid feeding your little ones right before the trip. Motion sickness often happens when young children are seriously full. That means that they will cope with the motion better than they otherwise would.

The best thing you can do is feed them a decent (and lasting!) meal just a few hours before you travel. That way, the food should have settled by the time you start traveling. Be sure to pack some healthy snacks as well so that you can keep them happy!

Look for the early signs of sickness

If your little ones have never suffered from this problem before now, you may not know what signs you need to watch out for. If you notice the symptoms ahead of time, though, it means that you can treat them as soon as they appear. Two of the major things that you will notice is that your child loses their appetite and starts to feel cold. When this happens, you should give your little one some water and make sure that they are as comfortable as possible.

Try to distract them if you can

At this point, one of the best things you can do is distract them. A lot of motion sickness is psychological. So, if you can keep your kid’s focus on something else, it will be a massive help. Start talking to them or asking them questions so that it takes their mind off the sickness. The more you can get them to relax, the better! Trust me, this tip really does work for me.

Invest in a motion sickness bracelet

Finally, if you happen to know that your kids suffer from this problem, this idea will help you no end. Investing in a motion sickness bracelet for them to wear could be the best thing you ever do. These things have been proven to work, and so they will likely help to calm the whole situation down.


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