What to Expect the First Six Months With Twins

In March 2016, I welcomed twin girls and to say the least life has changed! Nothing can truly prepare you for becoming a parent, and this is especially true when becoming a parent to twins. Everyone knows having twins is demanding, but no one can truly understand how life is for a mom of twins. Here is my list of things to expect in the first six months.

Sleepless Nights: For the six months, don’t expect to have a normal sleep schedule. Just feeding one newborn is difficult, but two is a whole other ball game. Since you have two to feed it will take twice as long. Feeding twins take a min. of 45 mins. Assigning shifts can help parents of twins catch up on sleep. If breastfeeding, take naps with your baby and get daddy to take care of the babies when they’re nice and full. If bottle feeding, one person can feed at one scheduled time and the other the one after. This is what my husband and I did.

One Cranky Baby = Two Cranky Babies: If one baby wakes up at night chances are the other will too. Even at 19-months-old, one twin usually wakes up the other at nights, so be prepared! 

Double The Happy Moments: Twin parents have luxury having everything come in two’s – that means two first smiles – two first laughs and two first words. You have twice the work, but twice the happiness in the end! 

Lots and Lots of Attention: Be prepared for constant attention when you go out. I’m an introvert, so this was something I really had to adjust to. People are fascinated by twins and be prepared for complete strangers to ask your life story if you let them. You’ll constantly hear – “Wow, you have your hands full!”. Little do these people know is that you hear this about 10 or so times just going to the mall for an hour or two. Some parents may enjoy this, but as stated before I’m an introvert, so I have learned to simply smile and move on fast in a polite way. 

Learning their different personalities: People don’t realize that just because twin babies look alike doesn’t mean they’re the same. My girls acted differently from day one! It’s super fun to watch their different personalities develop and soon you can just tell them apart from how they act. 

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What to Expect the First Six Months With Twins

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