Tiffani Thiessen Shares Her Favorite Back-to-School Hacks

Tiffani Thiessen Shares Her Favorite Back-to-School HacksTiffani Thiessen, just like many other moms all around the country, is preparing her children for the new school year. The television actress and mother-of-two recently opened up about how she and her 7-year-old daughter Harper and 2-year-old son Holt are preparing for the upcoming school year.

Speaking to Us Weekly, Tiffani said that she does three things to help transition her family from the long, lazy summer days to the jam-packed school schedule that’s ahead. She says that she creates a homework haven, celebrates art with a fun hack and encourages her children to grab their favorite books before bedtime.

Tiffani said that she designated a special productive workspace for her children’s homework haven. She explained, “It’s outfitted with tons of bins filled with all types of paper and supplies. And everything is labeled, of course. Whether handwriting a note or hunkering down with a school worksheet, it’s a favorite spot of Harper’s.

Art is also a favorite school subject for Tiffani’s children. “Harper and Holt’s love for drawing comes from their daddy,” she says. “It’s a fun game that provides plenty of learning opportunities outside the classroom.”

And most important, Tiffani says that she encourages her children to read each and every night. In fact, she makes sure that her children break out the books before bedtime. She says it’s very important, especially for her daughter Harper, who just learned how to read this year.
Tiffani noted, “She reads every day, all day.”

Tiffani also added that she’s embraced to-do lists, especially with her children getting ready to go to two different schools. “To-do lists are my thing,” she says. “I’m very Type A, so I can’t get enough of them. And labels,” she adds. “There’s always lots of labeling going on this time of year.”

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