Gwyneth Paltrow and Apple Share Their Sunset Pose

Gwyneth Paltrow and Apple Share Their Sunset PoseIt looks like the apple really doesn’t fall far from the apple tree. Gwyneth Paltrow and her daughter Apple Martin shared a beautiful memory of the duo striking a sunset pose on the beach. It’s without a doubt that Apple shares her mother’s love for yoga.

The Hollywood actress shares her two children, Apple Blythe Alison, 13, and Moses Bruce Anthony, 11, with her ex-husband Chris Martin. The former couple co-parent their children together.

Earlier this year Gwyneth admitted that, just like many mothers out there, she worked to the point of exhaustion when her children were little. That’s why these days she’s giving herself a break. In fact, she even calls it a parenting break.

She told People Magazine in an interview, “When my kids were younger, I put them first to the point where I exhausted myself. It led to me being short-tempered. I thought, ‘What if I gave myself permission to take a 20-minute nap and let them be on their iPads and not beat myself up?’”

Gwyneth added that a lot of her fans have felt the same way. That’s why she did a piece on post-natal deletion on her site, Goop. That’s why she recommends that exhausted moms like her take the Goop Wellness vitamin pack.

The celebrity mom continued, “So many women were writing in saying things like, ‘I feel like I can’t recover, what can I do about it?’ I would say honestly every day what I do for my health is make sure that I really connect and hug my children. And lie with them at night. Nothing fills me up more. They say that if you strengthen and amplify your family and your love connections, it’s the best thing for your health, so I always try to make sure that I do that every day. It’s not hard — they’re pretty cute!”

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