Getting Through Airport Security with Kids

Getting Through Airport Security with Kids

Having to deal with airport security at any time can be difficult; however, when you are traveling with 3 kids, it can quickly turn into a real-life nightmare. The good news is, there are a few tips that can help you manage this experience and keep things moving with ease. Yes, it is true I travel with Ava my five-year-old and 15-month-old twins, Ella & Rose and we survived!

These tips will make everything less stressful for you, your children, the airport security staff and anyone nearby.

Take Your Time

Even though airport security lines can be quite long, it isn’t a race to get through. You need to remain patient and tell your child the same. This will help ensure that the proper safety precautions can occur and that you, your child and everyone else remains safe.

Create a Plan and Stay Organized

If you are going to be traveling with another adult, determine ahead of time who is going to be in charge of carrying the child, folding the stroller or taking off and putting on any jackets and shoes. Also, you should put one person in charge of liquids and electronics that have to be separated from everyone else.

Let Your Kids Know what is Going On

If your kids are old enough to understand, you should explain to them that they will have to remove their jacket and shoes when walking through the metal detector. Also, everything has to go through a scanner – even the items they are attached to such as stuffed animals and blankets. If the children can handle it, ask them to manage their own things.

Make Considerations for Infants

Small children and infants have to be carried through the metal detector by a parent or other adult. Even if the baby is sleeping, they will have to be taken out of their carrier. There are some adults who have found that wearing a sling or fabric infant carrier to be useful since they can get through security without having to disrupt their snoozing little one.

When you are planning on flying to a destination with kids, you should plan out all parts of your trip. By using the information here, you will find that getting through airport security is much easier than you imagined. Don’t leave things to chance, as this may make you late for your flight.

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