Wedding Roles For Children: 3 Great Ways To Participate In That Special Day!

Wedding Roles For Children: 3 Great Ways To Participate In That Special Day!Assigning Ava her first role in a wedding, made her pretty happy. She was excited and couldn’t get much sleep the day before the wedding. All she talked about was how beautiful she would look, how long she had prepared. You could see the joy inside her, and when the day arrived, she played her role perfectly.

Assigning children roles in a wedding is fantastic for both parents and kids. But while doing so, you have to consider the number of children who would want to participate since there’s a limited number of roles to be played.

Furthermore, you have to consider the age of the children. That is something I came to know before assigning Ava. Apparently, the United States has a current limit to the roles of flower girl and train bearers for children under the age of 6. Here are some additional things to consider when assigning roles:

Flower Girl or Ring/Train Bearer – The role of a flower girl or ring/train bearer is usually assigned to kids under ages of 6. It does not involve a lot of things except carrying the listed things.

I remember Ava’s experience; she loved it. She’s still asking me when she’ll do it again.

Carrying Candles – Ava’s still waiting for her chance to carry the candles. She loves weddings and loves helping out there.

Nonetheless, carrying candles in the procession is assigned to kids between the ages of 7 and 10. Kids performing the same role can also help hand out programs and flowers to the guests.

Junior Bridesmaid – Being a junior bridesmaid is a role assigned to children above the age of 10. The title has been treated with dignity and used to adolescent attendants.

Finding out whether your child is interested is the first thing to do. When we got an opportunity to attend a wedding, I told Ava about it and explained the roles. She was very excited and couldn’t wait to help out. So, I talked to the bride, and she was happy having Ava helping out.

The biggest part of playing these roles is explaining everything concerning the role to your kids. With all information, they have a better chance of deciding if they’d want to play a role in the wedding.

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