The Top Five Challenges as a Parent of Twins

The Top Five Challenges as a Parent of Twins

When I got pregnant with Rose and Ella, many people began to ask me how I’d handle the twins. Apparently, I never had an absolutely clear answer. For one, it was my first time having twins but on the contrary, I had had Ava before, so I figured out it wouldn’t be that hard.

However, things were not as I had expected. Having Rose and Eva was a totally new situation which I had been prepared for, nonetheless. Here are some of the top five challenges I faced that I’d love to share with you.

  1. Sleepless Nights

Having Ava meant sleepless nights, but having the twins was far much worse. Basically, with twins, sleep becomes a scarce commodity for both parents. Rose and Ella would cry at exchanging intervals. That meant we had to get used to the fact that shots of sleeps had to be measured in minutes.

Luckily, Daniel helped out. At times, he’d get up and if one of the twins needed their nappy changed and rocked back to sleep, he’d do it. Therefore, it would be wise if you planned this with your partner during your pregnancy.

  1. Telling Them Apart

I know this may sound kooky but it’s something that some parents go through. Telling your twins apart can be crazy especially when they grow up. That is why you have to come up with ways, together with your partner, of telling them apart.

For starters, you can use a non-harmful body ink and write their first letter of their names on your back. Nonetheless, with time you will be able to tell them apart.

  1. Cost of Taking Care of The Twins

During my pregnancy, Daniel and I laid out a financial plan of how we’d take care of the kids. That plan played a major role when I got the twins. Nonetheless, there were times where we had to add some more money on the proposed plan. As a young mum who has just had her twins, you better be open for that. Nevertheless, it’s amazing!

  1. Napping At Different Times

Rose and Ella were pretty fond of this. When one of the twins would be really sleepy, the other one would be hyperactive. So, we agreed with Daniel that one of us would take care of the twin who was awake. It also gave us a great opportunity to build a personal relationship with both the twins.

  1. The Quibbling

Most parents awesome that twins are best friends, surprisingly, competition between twins starts at a very early stage in life. Whenever one of my twins saw the other being fed or placed in their crib, they wanted the exact same thing done for them. At first, this turned out to be the hardest challenge. So, together with Daniel, we sat down and agreed on certain issues like, buying both of them same presents that were of the same color. Ultimately, this reduced the intense competition between the two.

Having twins may be twice the trouble for most parents and that’s why you need some help raising them bearing in mind that each phase will present a different nature of challenge.
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