6 Things You MUST Pack For A Flight With The Family

6 Things You MUST Pack For A Flight With The Family

Since we’re traveling around Europe this summer, I’ve got to thinking about the things that I need to pack. Anyone who’s been on a long haul flight will know that it isn’t easy. Sitting in the same airplane seat for hours on end can be… Well, let’s just say that it can be seriously tiresome. Add kids into the mix and you might just have a recipe for disaster.

This is my first time traveling with my three little ones (although I’ve gone on vacation with Ava before!), and I’m a little nervous. The biggest challenge is sure to be getting the kids to deal with the flight. It won’t be easy! That’s for sure. Still, here are some of the things that everyone must pack for a family flight.


Here’s the deal: You will be stuck on an airplane for hours on end and that’s anything but comfortable. Having some mini toiletries in your bag could make all the difference, though. Things like toothpaste and soap will seriously come in handy when you want to freshen yourself and your kids up.


Seriously, I don’t go anywhere without baby wipes these days. Kids can be mucky pups at the best of times, and so these are an absolute must. When your little ones inevitably get food down themselves, you will be ready. Super Mom to the rescue.


If you’re lucky, you (and your kids) will get a little sleep on the flight! To give yourself the best of chances, you should totally invest in some neck rests of pillows. You can pick these up in most pharmacies and even at the airport stores.


Now, on many long haul flights, you will find that there are screens on the back of the chairs. There might be games and movies your kids can watch. Still, you shouldn’t take any chances. Be sure to grab some books, games, and toys before you head off. That way, you can entertain the little ones no matter what.


Again, if you manage to get shut-eye on the flight, it will do you the world of good. So, with that in mind, you need to make sure that you take some eye-masks for every member of your family. You honestly won’t regret it.


Finally, let’s talk about food. The truth of the matter is that you can’t always trust airline food. If your kids happen to be a little fussy, you might end up with a fight on your hands. Once you’re through airport security, head to the nearest airport store and stock up. You will need healthy snacks that you know your kids like for the flight.

I hope that you find these tips as helpful as I do! If like me, you’re packing for a long flight with your family, don’t forget to include these little things! Good luck.


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