Drew Barrymore’s Daughters’ Art Room Is Impressive

Drew Barrymore's Daughters' Art Room Is ImpressiveDrew Barrymore has always been a little on the creative side, and it’s no secret she is a huge fan of arts and crafts – so it makes sense that her daughters have their own arts and crafts room.  And, we are seriously jealous of their endless arts and craft supplies stacked against the wall.  Olive and Frankie Kopelman are living the good life!  

After the holidays, Drew Barrymore’s girls, Olive [4 years old] and Frankie Kopelman [2 years old] broke out all of their new toys and begin trying them out.  It looks like they may have got some new arts and crafts supplies to add to their already impressive collection.  Drew posted a photo of her daughter coloring away and captioned it, “Christmas 2016 Art.”  In another photo Barrymore shared some painted pasta on her coffee table.  

Arts and crafts are detrimental parts of childhood.  Not only is it a great way to keep our kids busy and out of trouble, but it’s also important that we encourage our little ones to express themselves creatively.  Who knows, Drew Barrymore could have a future Picasso on her hands!  

We love that Olive and Frankie have super famous parents, but at home they are being raised just like any other little boys or girls.  

What do you think of the craft room that Drew Barrymore has set up for her daughters?  Do you kids have something similar at home?  Let us know in the comments below!


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