Back-to-School: Yellow School Bus Craft


Chances are your little one has or is about to start a new year of school. My daughter, Ava, is making the move from pre-school to kindergarten this year. As most children, she will be attending kindergarten at a new school with new children. She is happy to start this next period in her life, but at the same time she is a little nervous because she will be leaving behind all her friends. A great way to help prepare youngsters for this change is to create fun activities centred around the start of school. My daughter really enjoyed creating this cute yellow school bus and later pretending she was taking a ‘big girl’ school bus. This craft also offers the perfect opportunity to speak about school bus safety! 



Large paper plate
Yellow craft paint
Black colored paper
Black puffy paint
Foam paint brush 
Hot glue/hot glue gun or a glue stick will work too


1. First you’ll want to lie down a few pieces of newspaper

2. Then cut your paper plate in half and cut a corner off the top right side to make a bus shape


3. Use your foam paint brush to paint your paper plate with two coats of yellow paint and let dry


4. Now cut out 2 large circles, 3 small squares, and 1 medium sized triangle from your black colored paper


5. Use your hot glue gun to glue your wheels onto the bottom of the plate 


6. Then glue your 3 squares in the center of the bus and your triangle towards the top right

7. Use your black puffy paint to write “SCHOOL BUS” right below your 3 small squares


8. Draw on a couple lights on the front of your bus with the black puffy paint and let dry.



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