Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling Expecting Second Child

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Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling are reportedly expecting their second child. The uber-private celebrity couple have not confirmed the news of another baby, but Eva can no longer hide her growing baby bump.

In 2014, Eva attempted to keep her pregnancy a secret, enjoying privacy during her experience as a first time mom. Mendes gave birth to her daughter, Esmeralda, on September 12, 2014. The ‘Lost River’ actress and her longtime boyfriend, Ryan Gosling, have kept a strong guard over Esmeralda. The couple has never publicly shared a photo of what we can safely assume is a gorgeous little girl.

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Since Eva Mendes gave birth, she has taken a break from Hollywood. Family is her focus and she revealed her decision to slow down and enjoy motherhood on the ‘Today Show’ during an interview in October. “If I’m even like, ‘Oh, what should I wear? Or, should I do this project? All I have to think about is my daughter and her face, and I know the answer immediately,” the Mendes explained happily. “She’s my moral compass in a way.”

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If you were wondering where Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes came up with the name for their daughter, you can thank author Victor Hugo. “We love The Hunchback of Notre Dame, we loved the name, the cartoon and the novel… it just kind of kept coming back to us,” Eva revealed. “It’s actually a very popular Latin name, so it’s easy for my father and certain family members that still don’t speak English to pronounce. That was a good selling point.”

What do you think Celeb Baby fans? Is Eva Mendes pregnant with Ryan Gosling’s second child? Congratulations to the happy family if it’s true!

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