‘B&B’ News: Linsey Godfrey’s Adorable Daughter Aleda Learning Yoga From Mommy Video

'B&B' News: Linsey Godfrey's Adorable Aleda Learning Yoga From Mommy Video

“The Bold and the Beautiful” Linsey Godfrey [Caroline Forrester] shared the cutest videos of 19-month-old daughter Aleda on Instagram. The toddler is learning all about yoga from mommy.

Linsey shares many adorable moments and photos with “B&B” fans on Twitter and Instagram. The latest yoga instructional for toddlers is definitely one of the sweetest Mommy and Me moments. Maybe Godfrey should get a “Video of the Day” award?

In the first short little clip which is captioned, “Aleda helps mama do yoga,” a male voice is heard saying, “Are you doing yoga?” as the tiny tot imitates Linsey’s yoga pose. After a second Aleda giggles and runs doesn’t seem too interested in the activity – at least for her! The little one definitely wants to help mommy though!

The giggling little blonde cutie tiptoes over to Linsey and pushes her shoulders back. Then Aleda decides playing with her mama’s hair could be a little fun. Of course pushing mommy to her yoga limit must be done! Aleda gently eases Linsey’s head back.

In the second clip, which is captioned, “Aleda helps mommy with yoga part 2,” the wee one is helping Godfrey with her yoga poses. As Linsey stretches little Aleda helps her stretch as far as she can. Linsey and Aleda nearly collapse into a heap on the floor, giggling the entire time.

“The Bold and the Beautiful” viewers do you enjoy when Linsey shares cute little photos and videos with fans? It’s nice to see that soap opera stars have fun doing the simple and ordinary parts of life that we all enjoy, don’t you think? Hopefully Linsey will keep sharing pictures and video clips of Aleda as she grows up.

Aleda helps mama do yoga ❤️😍

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Aleda helps mommy with yoga part 2 ❤️😍🙌❤️

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