Moff Band: The Smart Wearable Toy (Holiday Gift Guide)

 Moff Band: The Smart Wearable Toy (Holiday Gift Guide)

When the holidays roll around, it can be tough to know exactly what to give the little guy or gal in your life. I mean there are so many choices, how do you choose just one? I want to introduce you to something my daughter Ava fell in love with this year. It’s called the Moff Band and basically it’s a wearable smart toy. In a nutshell, your child makes movement and the Moff Band makes awesome sounds. The more your child moves, the more realistic sounds they will hear with each movement. For example- If Ava moves her arm, she might experience a whisk sound from a Tennis racket.

The sounds are able to be changed and chosen through the Moff app. The app is downloadable on your electronic device. It’s a free app that allows your child to use their imagination and it allows play to come alive. The free app connects to your child’s Moff via Bluetooth.

I’ll walk you through a step by step on how the Moff realistically works.

  • Step One: Slap on the Moff. It’s a very comfortable fit, so your kids will love it.
  • Step Two: Sync the Moff to the app that’s downloadable on your Apple or Android device.
  • Step Three: Move around and have a ton of fun! The Moff Band encourages interactive game play.

The Moff Band is considered something that works because kids actually move around when they wear this band. The wearable toy is encouraging kids to move! Movement is essential to a healthy lifestyle, so it only makes sense why kids who use it on a daily basis are getting healthier and healthier.

I also love the Moff Band because it encourages Ava to use her imagination. Moving to the “beat” is fun with the Moff Band and she has a ball. In case you need more info, the Moff Band has been tested with kids who are ages 3-7. The makers of the Moff Band are confident in their development and they’re confident it’ll be a great tool to your child’s development and movement success.

 Moff Band: The Smart Wearable Toy (Holiday Gift Guide)

The PBS KIDS Party app is available now for free download on both Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. The Moff Band is available in three colors — blue, pink and orange — at a retail price of $54.99 on Amazon. More info on the app is here:

 Be sure to follow Moff Band on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

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