Celebrate the Coming of Winter: Polar Bear Craft For Kids

Celebrate the Cold Weather: Polar Bear Craft For Kids

Brrrrr, it’s cold outside!

Their is no better animal than the polar bear to  ‘celebrate’ the coming of cold weather. This beautiful animal that is native to the arctic circle is a sister species of the brown bar and has body characteristics adapted for some of the coldest temperatures in the world. This polar bear craft is perfect for preschool aged children. Not only will it teach young learners about the polar bear, but help with their fine motor skills when placing the cotton balls and pom-poms. 

Materials Needed

2 small
Cotton balls
Pom-poms: blue/sparkly blue
2 black buttons
Puffy paint: black & pink
Hot glue/hot glue gun


1. Trace two half circles onto the edge of one plate then cut them out

2. Glue your half circles onto the top sides of the plate as ears 

3. Hot glue your cotton balls all over the paper plate and ears

4. Then glue 5 blue pom-poms on top of the cotton balls, towards the bottom middle of the Bearsface for the nose

5. Now hot glue the buttons above the nose for the eyes 

6. Using your black puffy paint, draw a smiley face under the nose, then a line connecting the nose to the mouth

7. Using your pink puffy paint, paint a little tongue under the smiley face

8. Your polar bear is complete!

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