Family Project – Easy and Affordable Ways to Redecorate With Kids’ Help

Family Project - Easy and Affordable Ways to Redecorate With Kids' Help

If you are looking for a family project that is easy and affordable, try freshening up your home with these fun ways to redecorate with your kids’ help. You can create a family-focused atmosphere that your kids will take pride in helping you create. And, maybe, it will inspire them to help keep the house tidy after all their work redecorating. (One can dream!)

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Windowsill Garden

Grab some old containers or small pails you can find at dollar stores or in the clearance craft bins. You can repurpose or recycle just about anything that is waterproof. For cute wooden boxes that are likely to leak, slip some old reusable containers – like old Tupperware – into the box and then fill with dirt to contain the mess. Seeds can be extremely affordable and you can often find them for free at local farmers markets or food fares. Plant your little indoor garden. My kids love to grow parsley, basil, and other herbs so they can cook with them later. It encourages healthy, natural eating and brightens your kitchen.

DIY Chalkboard

Buying a large chalkboard can be pricey. Making your own can be easy and affordable. Tape off a section of your kitchen wall any way you like. Create multiple separate squares, one big square, or any other shapes you and your family might like. Paint 3 coats of chalkboard paint. You can find chalkboard paint in the paint aisle at hardware stores and larger grocery stores like Walmart. Let it dry according to directions. Frame off the area with old picture frames or crown molding found in long strips in the Building Materials Department at stores like The Home Depot.

Mini Monet

Thanks to craft stores and aisles in grocery stores, you can pic up some affordable blank canvas just about anywhere. Grab some paint and get messy with your family. Dip their hands, feet, or fingertips into various colors of paint and have them create a work of art to hang around the house. It can be a picture of a sunset they created by using their fingerprints, or you can get little ones involved by letting them go wild with their hands, brushes, or cut up sponges. The best part of art is that it is so diverse! Hang up the masterpieces once they have dried to add color to bare walls.

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New Pillows Fake-Out

Juice, pet prints, and the occasional mishap with what my family calls “peanut butter fingers” can stain your decorative pillow. Breathe new life into your pillows by easily creating new cases. Measure your pillow cases to see how much fabric you will need, making sure to allow a few extra inches for sewing. Find some fun prints or any colored fabric you and your family love. Sort through the fabric remnants to save big! Teach your little ones to sew and you can easily whip up a new case together. Stuff your old, washed pillows in the case and it will look like a brand new pillow instantly.

There are hundreds of ways to get your family involved in every day tasks. What is your favorite way to get your kids involved in your routine? Let us know in the comment section below!