The Beginning of My Journey to Conceive a Second Time

The Beginning of My Journey to Conceive a Second Time

Deciding to start a family is the biggest decision a couple must make. The most important decision to be made is determining if both individuals are ready to become a parent. This is even true for couples that are already parents. They must also make the decision if becoming a parent again is right for their family.

My husband and I recently decided to expand our family. Since the birth of our daughter Ava, four years ago, we haven’t thought of expanding our family seriously. My husband was completing his studies and we only had one reliable source of income. However, a couple of months ago this all changed when he finished his schooling and started a full-time job. The possibility of expanding our family seemed more feasible financially. My husband has always expressed his desire to have more than one child, but I have been up in the air about the decision. So, the final decision was really mine to be made.

There were various factors that worried me about having a second child. Being an only child, I was scared about having two children. This may seem silly, but I have no experience with sibling hood and I worried if it was a dynamic meant for me. The irrational fear if I would be able to love two the same also popped into my mind countless times. I love my daughter with all my heart and it was hard imagining I would be able to love another as much as her. In the end, I realized that I only felt this way because I hadn’t laid eyes on my future child. It’s hard to imagine the love a mother feels for her newborn child before she meets the miracle she carried for nine months.

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Oddly enough, one factor that really convinced me to have another child is my daughter. It seems as soon as I started thinking about having another she started asking for a baby sister. Growing up as only child, I understand it can be lonely being the only one. I think, Ava, will really benefit from a sibling. I see her being a great big sister. She has a very loving temperament and already loves to ‘mother’ others. She is also good at sharing and I think she would be able to adjust to not always being the center of attention.

I don’t think you can ever be 100% sure about having another child, but after evaluating all the factors I think it is the right decision for us. Now our journey to conceiving starts. For some the process of conceiving can be short and for others long. The first time I was 27 and we weren’t planning, but weren’t preventing the chance of conceiving from happening. After all, we had been together for nine years! Getting pregnant happened right away for me. You could say it was a hole in one!

Now, I’m thirty, and the process of conceiving is not guaranteed to be so easy. That’s why we have started to prepare for the conception process. I’m eating healthy and working out regularly hoping to lose a little weigh to better our chances of conceiving early. My husband has also started to eat better and work out more regularly.

The Beginning of My Journey to Conceive a Second Time

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