5 Fashion Tips for Breastfeeding Moms

5 Fashion Tips for Breastfeeding Moms

Breastfeeding is a wonderful gift to offer your child. However, it can be incredibly difficult to know what to wear while you spend the next few months or years breastfeeding. There are ways to look fashionable while breastfeeding, you just need to know the right tips.

#1. Wear Comfortable Shoes

There are tons of different types of shoes out there to wear, but the important thing is to wear what’s comfortable to you. Some women find that high heels are comfortable. The significant part of wearing shoes while breastfeeding is to make sure you don’t trip while walking or maneuvering your baby around. If you don’t feel stylish in your clothing while nursing, at least you can pick stylish shoes that help pull your whole outfit together.

#2. Find a Cover That You Can Rock

There are so many breastfeeding covers out there (if you choose to wear one). There are breastfeeding covers that turn from scarves into covers. Really, spend some time finding a cover that you love and want to wear over and over again. Finally, fashion and breastfeeding come together.

#3. Find What Works for You

There are actually lines of clothing that have breastfeeding moms in mind. The clothing is designed to ensure the breast is easily accessible to mom and baby. Everything from nursing tops to business suits are created to help make the nursing mother’s life easier. Choose clothing that clips down easily or that has secret openings.

#4. Comfortable Can be Stylish

Some women prefer tight fitted clothing and other moms prefer loose fitted clothing. Finding what works for you can still be stylish. Look for fun and fresh styles that will make you feel stylish but also comfortable.

#5. Find a Bra That Is Easy to Maneuver

One of the most un-stylish parts of breastfeeding are the bras that are offered. Whether you’re small or big breasted, it’s important to find a comfortable and stylish bra for your breastfeeding endeavors. Believe it or not, but nursing bras can still be stylish, it just might take some shopping around. Nursing bras aren’t something you can really purchase before you start breastfeeding because you don’t know how big or little your breasts will become as you breastfeed. Take your time finding a bra that you feel sexy in.

Don’t feel discouraged about style as you breastfeed. Soon enough you’ll find patterns, tops, pants, and clothing that you love and that are perfect for your new nursing lifestyle.