Tips and Tricks to Stay Active and Stay Healthy During the Holidays

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Your health can undergo seem serious twists and turns during the winter. Seemingly endless feasts full of delicious sweets and treats are a holiday staple, but can slow you down. During the colder months, it’s so tempting to curl up on the couch, enjoy a roaring fire while relaxing on your warm and cozy sofa. All these factors can cause your vitamin D to plummet, thanks to retreating indoors. Bust out of those habits and use some of these tips and tricks to stay active and healthy during the holidays.

Be active as a family! If you have friends or family members encouraging you and keeping you from making excuses, you will be more motivated to keep on the move. You might be surprised at how great kids are at reminding you to do something active! My 3, 6, and 10 year old won’t let me forget about our active living event of the day.

Working together, you’ll create memories and set an example of being active as a normal part of daily life. We love to take family walks. Grab the family dog, too! Bundle up and make it fun. You can stop at every corner for an activity, like seeing who can do the most jumping-jacks in thirty seconds. Baby it might be cold outside, but the sun can trigger vitamin D synthesis, keeping you healthy. The time will be a cherished memory that keeps you healthy and active.

Work toward a larger goal. My first 5K was a family event. My kids joined in and we trained for weeks in advance, together. There are tons of family-friendly events all over. Look into community calenders or ask your local fitness center for information. You’ll be delightfully surprised at how many outdoor activities you’ll find to soak up the sun.

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Eating well is also very important. Making easy swaps can revamp your diet without sacrificing taste. For example, use plain low-fat yogurt in place of sour cream. The swap will save calories and pump up your protein intake. To make sure you don’t have any nutritional gaps, try vitamins for the entire family. Since vitamin D only shows up in a few foods, these options will give you that wonderful dose of D.

Adult Essentials Gummies are an easy way to take your daily vitamins and supplements. When these delicious gummies were developed, only the highest quality ingredients with no sugar coating, no artificial flavors or colors were used. For those with allergies, note that they are guaranteed gluten, dairy and nut free!

For the kids, IronKids Gummies are tasty little treats they will be reminding you about. They are the perfect vitamins and supplements for your active kids. Just like the Adult Essentials Gummies, they are made with top quality ingredients and have the same no gluten, dairy or nuts promise.

Taking care of yourself and your family will be a reward that pays off in the future. No sick kids means no missed days at school and you will look and feel amazing.

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