Taking Care of Yourself During the Holiday Season

Taking Care of Yourself During the Holiday Season

November is almost over and that means holiday planning is just around the corner! Between get-togethers, shopping, work events and more the holiday season keeps moms on their feet. I know if I don’t manage my time wisely, I defintely become overwhelmed with little-to-no downtime. 

Here are some secrets on how moms can stay feeling their best during the holiday season:

1. Do holiday shopping early: There is nothing more stressful than doing holiday shopping at the last minute. Between the walls of people, the long lines and struggling to find the gift you were looking for because it’s sold out, last minute shopping is the sure way to create stress during the holiday season. Start shopping now! Not only will you be able to dedicate your time to party planning and  your kids, but there’s a lot of shopping deals to be had at the end of November. 

2. Try to limit gift giving: The holidays are about so much more than giving a gift to every person you know. Not only is it stressful finding gifts for people that you’re not close too, but it can also break your holiday budget. If you need to give gifts to co-workers try to keep it simple by making a small donation to a favorite charity in their name. Not only does this follow the true giving spirit of the holiday season, but the gift will go to use! 

3. Don’t overcommit: Moms can only do so much! Just because your mom used to make a 1000 cookies during the holiday season doesn’t mean you have to too! Commit to holiday traditions that fit into your daily schedule.

For example, I throw a Christmas Eve party every year, so most of my planning during the holiday season goes towards that. That means I cut out other traditions like sending Christmas cards to everyone I know. Instead, of heading to a studio for a family holiday photo, I give pictures of my daughter with Santa to family on Christmas day. Cutting out some traditions allows you to enjoy the important family tradition you have have created yourself! 

4. Take Care of Yourself: When a mom is run down the whole family can feel it. The holiday season is the worst time for a mom to feel overwhelmed. Also, when you’re run down that leaves you to suitable to catching bugs and other viruses. Being sick during the holiday season, will definitely but a damper on celebrations. 

Take your vitamins! A daily multi-vitamin can help ensure you stay healthy during the holiday season.

Adult Essentials

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Like IronKids Gummies, the vitamins are fun to take because they taste great and and are easy to chew. Adult Essentials Gummies are 100% licensed and approved by Health Canada. Each gummie is free from artificial sweeteners and flavours or colours. 

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