How To Encourage Reading in Kids of All Ages

 How To Encourage Reading

When your kids hit that all important school age, everyone in your house is excited to see them begin learning and growing. Sadly, some struggle with learning how to read, or even simply wanting to read. Here are some great tips on How To Encourage Reading in kids of all ages. Not only will your child have a desire to read and learn, they will soon do so without your prompting. 

Read Along With Them: Start early reading bedtime stories to your kids. Make sure to go slowly and read along with them, letting them sound out words and begin recognizing things on their own. Starting young will give them a great foundation for the love of reading.

Pick A Fun Series To Read: Sometimes it takes a fun series of books to get a kid interested. Going for a main character your child can relate to will help considerably. Years ago it was Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys, now you may find things like Diary Of The Whimpy Kid a better modern series your kids will enjoy and relate to. 

Make Sure The Books Are Of Interest To Them: One of the biggest mistakes we make is trying to get our kids to read books that we enjoyed. Sometimes we just won’t share the same interests as our kids. That means you think outside the box and look for things they enjoy reading. It could be romance, historical literature, poetry, horror or suspense or just classic fun create your own adventure stories.

Read Books That Are Now Movies: If they already have a favorite movie that started as a book, you are well on your way. Work with them to read books that were written before the movie of same name was made. Show them the differences, and give them an inside look at their favorite characters. This is great with books like Harry Potter and more!

The main thing to remember in learning how to encourage reading in your kids is to focus on the things that they enjoy. If you are asking them to read things they have no interest in, they won’t want to go back. Work together to find a writing style, story style or character theme that your kids love and you will be asking them to put the books down to do chores, instead of begging them to pick them up.

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