Have Fun With Your Pregnancy! 5 Ideas for a Gender Reveal Party

5 Ideas for a Gender Reveal Party

Are you trying to tell the world what the sex of your bundle of joy will be? There are many ways you can introduce your little guy or gal to the family. Check out these 5 fun ideas for a gender reveal party:

#1. Balloons

I love the idea of releasing balloons from a box to tell the world of the baby’s gender. All you need to do is grab a box of any kind, you can even make it cute if you’d like. Place balloons inside and wait until everyone arrives at the party to reveal the gender. You can even have the place you order the balloons do this for you.

#2. Boy Vs. Girl

Have everyone dress up for the gender in which they think will be revealed. Everyone can choose to dress in blue for a boy or pink for a girl. It adds a lot of excitement to the party. At the party the couple can choose how they release the gender of the baby.

#3. Unwrapping of a Baby Outfit

Of course this probably isn’t the most exciting way to reveal the gender of a baby, it’s very short and sweet. Simple have the baby’s “gender” wrapped up in a gift box. You can have a grandparent, aunt, or uncle unwrap it. Whoever opens it will have a fun time of finding out the gender first.

#4. Video Chat

What if you live in another country and you can’t tell everyone face to face what the baby gender is? 2014 is here and you have the power to use video chat. This is a fun way to still involve the family, when not everyone can be there.

#5. The Cake

I think one of the best ways to do a gender reveal is still by cake. This is a fun and stress free way to do it. I also love the variety of ways you can make a cake to have the gender reveal party.

There, you now have five ways to tell the world you’re expecting a baby girl or baby boy. The real question is…. Can you wait to find out when everyone else does?

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