5 Reasons to Not Freak Out About Your Child Starting Kindergarten

 5 Reasons to Not Freak Out About Your Child Starting Kindergarten

As a parent of a soon to be kindergartner, you may be freaking out. This is a first for you and for them. How can you stay calm and still send your child to kindergarten? Well, here are 5 reasons to not freak out about your child starting kindergarten.

#1. They’re in good hands

Most parents are afraid for their kindergartner because they can’t be with their child all day long. When you start panicking about being away from your child for hours at a time, just remember that they are in good hands. While not all teachers are perfect, they care about your child just as much as you do. If you have really bad anxiety about your child going to kindergarten, send the teacher a quick email. He/she may not be able to answer right away, but maybe sending the email will help relieve some of your worry.

#2. They were born for this

Your children were not born to live in your house and play video games all day (like you didn’t know that). Just remember that from the moment your child was born, until the day they start kindergarten, you had big hopes for them. Well, mom and dad, this is the start of those dreams for your child. It’s the stopping point of where you let go and let other adults and influencers aboard the success train.

#3. Enjoy your memories embrace the future

I bet you have some awesome memories of your soon to be kindergartner. The awesome part of having those memories is that you get to carry them with you forever. Your kindergartner is also about to make some new memories and they will share these with you. My advice to you is to enjoy the past memories and embrace the future. There is going to be many awesome opportunities this year for you and your child to make some incredible and unforgettable memories.

#4. Your emotions are normal

There is no reason to freak out about your child starting kindergarten because your emotions are completely normal. Some parents are ready to send their kid to kindergarten, others are not. It’s okay to acknowledge that you are feeling a little sad, just don’t beat yourself up about it. Try and call up a friend when you are feeling particularly anxious about this future transition.

#5. There’s still time

If you think you’ve messed up these past five or six years as a mom or dad and now you don’t have time to make those moments up, you’re wrong. Although your child is heading to kindergarten, you will still have plenty of time with him or her. You definitely won’t have time to waste with your little one in kindergarten now, but don’t stress, just make the best out of it all. I’m just telling you there is still time to make memories, laughter, and fun together.

Try and enjoy this year and the new era it will bring into your lives. It will take some time to transition into life as a parent of a kindergartner, but you will do great. Make sure you take time to talk to your kindergartner about the changes happening this year. The talks will help you and your child not freak about starting kindergarten next year. 

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