Celebrate the World’s Toughest Job


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cardstore.

When children are young, they think the only purpose their mom has in life is to be their mom! Mom does it all – playing, cleaning up the mess, kissing boo boo’s, chasing the big bad monster away at night and more. As a child gets older the problems change, but mom is still there to take them all on. Moms never stop being mom! 

Till having my own child, I never truly appreciated how hard it is to be a mom. It’s the world toughest job, but the most rewarding one at the same time. My daughter is going on three, so I know how demanding being a mom can be. Mommy is her solution to every problem. “I want my mommy!,” is her favorite phrase when ‘toddler crisis’ happens.


One recent example, is when I decided to take advantage of her playing alone in her room by cleaning the house. As a mom, I should have know the possibility of disaster was very possible! After being alone for a while, I heard her scream and when I went running into the room she was covered in paint after successfully opening the paint jars to her easel! To add to the mess, she had tried wiping the paint off her hands with her white quilted bed comforter.

Yet, like most moms I wouldn’t want it any other way! For all the messes she creates, it’s all worth it in the end. All it takes is one one simple remark from my daughter to make motherhood the most rewarding job – “Mommy I love You”. The happiness and love of my child is probably one of the most rewarding things.

American Greetings understands that being a mom is the toughest job and created a job posting for a company, Rethom Inc. (“Mother” spelled backwards) to showcase this. The job description outlined all of the tasks of a mother without revealing the job was indeed a mom. In the end, Cardstore only had 24 inquiries – thereby proving that being a mom is the world’s toughest (but most rewarding) job. Check out the reactions of the applicants in the video below:  

Interested in telling American Greetings what they missed in the World’s Toughest Job description list?  Then head over to http://po.st/jZxAGd, and discuss what you think they left out.

Seeing this video, made me want to call up my own and thank her for all the thing she does as a mom. Despite being so close, like my most people I sometimes forget to remind my mom why she is so special.  


That’s why Cardstore, the popular custom greeting card website from American Greetings is encouraging people to take the extra step to celebrate mom. It’s not just about the phone call or text message, it’s about that perfectly personalized card that enables us to take pause and reflect on all the extraordinary things she’s done.


I love that Cardstore allows you to create custom cards by adding personal photo with personalized messaging and your own signature. Then Cardstore takes care of the rest – they print, stamp and send the card for you! Above, is the card I created for my own mom. 

Head on over to Cardstore to create your own card! Celeb Baby Laundry red may redeem CCF4249 at checkout for a discount!

 This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cardstore.


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