Beauty Routine – Mom Style – With Garnier Whole Blends

My hair looking great on a rare date night with my husband!
                My hair looking great on a rare date night with my husband!

Although this post has been generously sponsored by Garnier Whole Blends, the opinions and language are my own. 

Beauty routine. What’s that? It’s something I don’t have in the classic sense. I have three kids. One is five and the other two are 10-month-old twins. So there’s not a lot of time for beautification rituals. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not dirty. I’m not unkempt. It’s not like I don’t bathe and wear sweats all day (okay, sometimes). What I don’t have time for is the classic beauty routine of post-shower creaming and plucking and primping. It’s just not going to happen.

Beauty Routine - Mom Style - With Garnier Whole Blends
                                                                My girls

That means that what I do have time for needs to be extra special. There’s no way this mom is going to use just any old soap, shampoo and conditioner. I deserve those precious minutes of wonderful alone time. To that end, I make sure I use products that make me feel beautiful. They have to make my hair and skin look good, and they have to smell great. That’s why my beauty routine always includes Garnier products.


You think I’m joking, but this is pretty on point. For me, a shower is my beauty routine. So what I use needs to work, work well, and make me feel pretty, (teenage girl who got asked to the dance pretty).

I’ve been a huge Garnier fan for a long time, but I really fell in love with this brand after I became a mom. I’m always short on time, so when I get in the shower, my beauty routine begins. Garnier always leaves my hair feeling silky smooth, healthy and smelling like a fruity, tropical dream


Beauty Routine - Mom Style - With Garnier Whole Blends

These days, my beauty routine involves a new product from Garnier Whole Blends – Garnier Whole Blends Moroccan Argan & Camellia Oils. It’s part of their new Whole Blends line that’s all about beautiful, healthy hair with a paraben-free formula based in natural extracts. There’s also a new Legendary Olive blend that’s great for replenishing dry, depleted hair. This line is the classic Garnier I’ve always loved, but so much more. They’re really upped their commitment to hair that is healthy looking and healthy in general. So good job, guys!

My hair has never looked better. It’s shiny, healthy, bouncy, and it smells absolutely wonderful. Even my husband, the most oblivious man on earth, has complimented me a few time on how my hair looks and smells. Trust me, if he notices, EVERYONE notices.


Beauty Routine - Mom Style - With Garnier Whole Blends

I want you to experience the wonder, the majesty, the hair care hooray that is Garnier Whole Blends for yourself. Visit the Garnier Whole Blends site to find your perfect blend- there’s a blend for everyone! Once you find the one that’s right for you, use this coupon to snag some for yourself at a great price. It’s the perfect time to give it a try.


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