6 Ways to Have a Stress-Free Easter Celebration

6 Ways to Have a Stress-Free Easter Celebration

Easter is a fun time for family to get together and celebrate the occasion. For the people in charge, however, it can become a big headache to plan it all. There are ways you can get around the overwhelm when it comes to your Easter celebration – the key being shortcuts and compromises that allow you to plan a nice day without filling it full of stress.

Read on to find out 6 ways to have a stress-free Easter Celebration.

1. Make it a pot luck dinner. Let everyone coming to celebrate Easter bring a dish or two with them. This cuts down on the work you have to do to prepare for the meal. It’s important to coordinate with everyone so that there enough meats, sides, breads, and desserts for everyone.

2. Opt for paper over the fine china. This may be a bit more costly, but it will save you from having to look at a destroyed sink and kitchen once the hoorah is all over. Toss-able dinnerware means you can spend more time with your loved ones rather than stressing over a mess!

3. Eat outdoors, if possible. In most regions, it has warmed up enough for an outdoor Easter celebration by the time the holiday arrives. Setting up tables and chairs outside is worth it to greatly reduce the chances of spills inside your home – and the more time people spend outdoors, the less likely your home is to become messy.

4. Always have a backup plan. It’s important to have a few plan B’s, just in case things don’t go as planned. Make sure you have space for the number of guests inside your home, should it rain. If not, think of a place that you could move the party to if needed. Have enough food, dinnerware, and eggs on hand.

5. Use plastic Easter eggs for the hunt. Sure, it’s fun to dye eggs the night before the holiday. However, you could use that time to prepare the food, set up tables, or put up last minute decorations. Plus, you forego the messy dye cups and cracked eggs when you use plastic. Being reusable also makes plastic eggs a more frugal choice.

6. Realize Easter clothing isn’t that big of a deal! Many feel the need to go all out, buying suits and dresses that are so uncomfortable they will never be worn again. Some even go as far as buying two outfits, especially for their children. One for the dinner, and one for the egg hunt. That’s not necessary! Save yourself the time, money, and stress and get something nice yet comfortable that can be worn throughout the rest of the season.

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