The Next Big Step: Sending My Daughter to Play School

The Next Big Step: Sending My daughter to Play School

We’re about to hit a major milestone this April! It’s a milestone that mommy is probably the most nervous – sending my 2-year-old daughter, Ava, to play school.

Ava is the sweetest little thing. I know every parent says that, but she’s truly a child that is always smiling. She also loves to blabber! I swear she surprises me everyday with the words she knows. She is also quite timid because she has not been around many other children her age. I do take her to activities with other children, but I am always with her, so she tends to stay close to mommy.  

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong about being timid! I feel when I mention this outsiders often say, “Oh, she is just perfect don’t worry,” which really irritates me. I don’t feel like it’s a criticism to say that my child is timid. As stated before, there is nothing wrong with being timid and most children are to varying degrees. I feel as a parent, it’s important to be aware of your child’s personality in order to help encourage them to thrive as much as possible. Not every child is alike, I want to craft interactions, and promote certain activities to help encourage her to become confident in herself and her abilities.  

That’s why I feel starting play school part-time will beneficial to her. I know she likes being around children her age, but is a little scared because she doesn’t interact with others her age on a frequent enough basis. The school I have picked will help her gain friendships that will ultimately lead her to being more independent and happier. 

Another reason, I am sending her to a play school part-time is because I work full-time at home. There are hours of the day where I cannot dedicate all my time to her which leaves her idle. She often watches TV when I am working and I would prefer for her to receive more positive stimulation. At the academy, she will focus on activities throughout the day and will get to interact with others. 

I can’t tell you how nervous I am to make this next step. I think the first couple of days just might be more agonizing for me than her! I know the reason I am sending her, but like most parents I second guess my decisions. Obviously, I would love to keep her home close to me forever, but as a parent I feel like I need to let her thrive.

Have you sent your children to a play school or pre-school? How did you prepare and deal with being separated from your child?