Michigan Boy’s Touching Reaction to Becoming a Big Brother


In a rather touching video, 11 year old Logan Fairbanks from Hartford, Michigan reacts with shock and joy when he gets some pretty special news from his parents.

An only child, Logan was born to his parents just after they graduated high school. He always wanted to be a big brother, but the couple struggled to conceive for many years.

Father, Josh Fairbanks is a photographer who often uses video to capture the moment pregnant couples learn the sex of their baby or when an engagement is revealed. This was the chance to capture a special moment for his family. 

Josh and wife Michelle had their son read a list they made of what he’s excited to do this coming summer.

He said he’s looking forward to baseball season and seeing the Detroit Lions play and to taking a family trip to Myrtle Beach.

‘There is one more thing I am going to do this year,’ he read. ‘I am going to be a big brother.’

 Logan reacts with confusion and shock.  After getting some verification off-camera, his shock turns to tearful joy and a big, proud smile. 

The video reportedly reached nearly 1 million views on vimeo in the first day alone – and is now been played over 2.4 million times.