April Fool’s Pranks Your Kids Will Love

April Fool's Pranks Your Kids Will Love

A day dedicated to clever silliness – what child doesn’t get a kick out of April Fool’s? Here are some fun tricks to make your little ones giggle. 

Play the switcharoo while the kids are asleep. Switch places and wake up early to see their expressions as they wake up in the wrong bed. 

Carrots in a Candy Box is the perfect last minute trick. Fill the box halfway, and use a glue gun to reseal the box. Rattling around just like candy, this is a a fun little hoax to squeeze into lunch time. 



The grilled cheese dessert is a popular April Fools joke that involves some easy creative baking. Try a simple pound cake and coloured frosting for a funny mealtime twist. 

Keep it simple and switch the bags of two cereal boxes – the real sleepy heads won’t even notice. 


Replace someone’s favourite sunny side up egg with a halved peach in yogurt. They won’t see it coming. 

Sit down to a tiny meal. Set the table with play plates and cups and act normal for a down the Rabbit hole experience first thing in the morning, or at dinner that night. 


Go googly for April 1st in your fridge. Stick dollar store eyes on the food in your fridge. This is a fun trick at any age. 


Bake a pan of brown-e’s. Watch them pull back the foil to find exactly what you promised – in the most literal sense. 

Tissue stuffed shoes are a fun illusion to feign an overnight growth spurt. Be sure to comment on their bigger looking feet first thing in the morning. 


Add a drop or two of food colouring to the bottom of the cereal bowl or straight to the milk. The colourful surprise would catch anyone off guard. 

Any fun April Fools tips? Share them with us below!