Our Baby Hanging with his PEEPS!

Our Baby Hanging with his PEEPS!

We’ve haven’t started food yet but I wanted to share this picture of our little bunny with his first peep!   We went to the park to take Easter photos of Baby C “hanging with his peeps” and mom and dad should have known better!

He shoved the whole peep in his mouth! It took three wipes to clean his mouth and hands but he had fun!

Peeps are marshmallow candies that are shaped into chicks, bunnies, and other animals.

This year is our baby’s first Easter so we had to make it special with his very first Easter basket. Since he will be eating solids soon, we got him some bowls, spoons, a sippy cup and the Happy Family, Happy Bellies Brown Rice cereal.

I like rice a lot so I’m hoping the little guy likes it too! We also made a basket for our two little dogs filled with their favorite treats! They’ve been sniffing the table all week waiting for me to open the treats.  To check out more of what we did for Baby C’s first Easter, Go HERE!

Have a great week everyone!