Julie Bowen & Family Spend Easter Sunday at The Famers Market

Julie Bowen & Family Spend Easter Shopping At The Farmers Market

Julie Bowen and husband Scott Phillips took their sons Oliver, John and Gustav shopping at a Farmers Markein Studio City, CA on Easter Sunday (March 31).

The Modern Family star looked to be having a ball as she laughed and giggled with her son. They stopped at a balloon stand and a dairy stand while shopping at the market.While posing on the the April 2013 cover of Lucky magazine, Bowen opened up stepping up her style after the success of Modern Family.

“It was a big evolution in style for me to grow up and say ‘I need to take fashion seriously for my job.’ I have a stylist now, and she’s trying to get me to wear more revealing stuff. She’s Kristen Stewart’s stylist, I go there and see all this amazing funky stuff, and I know it’s for her. If I get K-Stew’s castoffs, that’s all right with me.”

Image Credit: Fame/Flynet